SD1-TI315-Infrared Thermometer


Product info:

TIME Portable Infrared Thermometer series are a kind of non-contact thermometers with wide range
 of application and featuring as simple operation, quickly testing, security of operation, and portability. It can be used to find the electronic tie-ins and the hot spots in the power system, 
to inspect the process and storage of foodstuff, to check the temperature of the warm-ups and refrigeration system, to measure the temperature of the process of laying asphaltum and fire protection, etc.


  • Simple and safe operation, Portability, Nice exterior

  • Various Sighting Modes: Laser, Coaxial Laser, Telescope

  • Measuring Range from -20 to 3000, /F conversion

  • D: S from 8:1 to 120:1, Accuracy: +1% or 1

  • Adjustable Emissivity, Backlight, Tolerance Alarm

  • Display of Max, Min, T, Avg. and real time value

  • Display holding, Wide application

Wide Application:

Foodstuff Chemical Industry
Baccy Plastic Industry
Concrete Electric Power
Automobile Heat Treatment
Spray-Paint Asphaltum Paving
Metallurgy Fire Protection
Heating Glass Industry
Railroad Concrete Industry
Research & Developing
Device Trouble shooting, etc.

We have TI110EL, TI120EL, TI213L, TI213EL, TI315, TI315EL as follows.
Specification/Types TI315
Measuring Range 400-1800
Accuracy 1% or 1 whatever is greater under surroundings temperature of 23+5
Repeativity 0.5% or 0.5
Display Resolution 1 or 1 F
D:S 120:1
Spectral Response 2.1-2.4m
Emissivity 0.1-1.00 adjustable
Response Time <<200ms
Lighting Mode Coaxial Laser
Emissivity Switch /
, F Switch
Display 4 Digital LCD
High/Low Alarm
Max, Min, T, Avg. Max, Min, T, Avg.
Display Holding
Low Battery Alarm
Work Temperature -10-+50
Relative Humidity 10%-90%RH when the temperature reaches 30
Storage Temperature -20-+50(without battery)
Power 9V Battery
Size 185mm x 200mm x 50mm
Weight 600g