High & low temperature alternating humid heat test chamber Mode:SH5-DJS601  
Application and feature
·Suitable for temperature and humidity test of electric, electronic, instruments and meters, parts and components, materials, coating, etc.
·Adopt imported temperature and humidity control instrument, touch controlled type operation, Chinese LCD, equipped with imported refrigeration compressor.
·Internal bladder adopts high quality mirror surface stainless steel plate, and outside shell adopts electrostatic spraying and highly efficient insulating layer.
→ Specification
·Temperature range: -10~100℃, -40~100℃, -60~100℃
·Humidity range: 30%-98%R.H
·More than 10 specificatons for choice
→ Conform to standards
·Technical specification of high & low temperature test chamber: GB10592-89
·High & low temperature test: GB2423.22-87
·Alternating humid heat test: GB/T2423.4-93
·Circle test of combination of temperature and humidity: GB2423.4-86
·Humid heat test: GJB150.9-86