Real-time noise record analyzer Mode: CN0M171729  
Ò»¡¢ use

¡¡1¡¢A¡¢C¡¢F sound-grade measure record
¡¡2¡¢analysis of real-time 1/3 and 1/1 frequency distance and spectrum
¡¡3¡¢analysis of linearity spectrum display
¡¡4¡¢record and analysis of instantaneous field wave

¶þ¡¢ main technical performance

¡¡1¡¢eligible standard£ºGB/3785 1 type and GB/3241 1 grade
¡¡2¡¢type of microphone£º§¶12.7mm test capacitance microphone
¡¡3¡¢measure range£º25¡«1dB(A)
¡¡4¡¢frequency range£º20Hz¡«20kHz
¡¡5¡¢frequency calculation£ºA¡¢C¡¢F£¨linearity£©
¡¡6¡¢demodulation trait£ºRMS,factor of peak value is more than 10 (part of sound meter)
¡¡7¡¢dynamic range £º70 dB
¡¡8¡¢distance£º30¡«100dB eight shifts
¡¡9¡¢sample speed£º44.1 kHz
¡¡10¡¢A/D collection card:16λ
¡¡11¡¢resolving power of frequency:5.38Hz(FFT bandwidth)
¡¡12¡¢bandwidth of filter:1/3¡¢1/10CT¡¤£¨double frequency distance£©
¡¡13¡¢central frequency of filter£º25¡«20000kHz totally 30 groups 1/10CT£º31.5¡«16000kHz totally 10 groups
¡¡14¡¢sound adjustment£º94dB¡¢1000Hz sound regulator n.
¡¡15¡¢use temperature £º-10¡æ¡«+50¡æ
¡¡16¡¢relative humidity £º30%¡«90%RH
¡¡17¡¢batteries £ºDC6V£¬four No.5 alkalescence dry batteries
¡¡18¡¢appearance size £ºH¡ÁW¡ÁD£º304¡Á108¡Á68mm
¡¡19¡¢Processor of Pentium 4,more than 128M EMS memory,outer A/D collection card